PRs, videos, info

Age: 26
Sex: M
Bodyweight: 208
Height: 6'
Currently on: straight 3x5

Strengths: Weighted bodyweight exercises, tricep strength, grip strength.
Ongoing injuries: None.
Current goals: Overall strength
Diet: Loose


Deadlift: 435 (Form @ 242lb warmup set)
Shoulder Press: 165 (Form @ 105lb work set)
Back Squat: 345 (Form @ ? work set)
Front squat: 243 (Form @ 176lb work set)
Bench press: 280 (as close-grip)
Clean and jerk: 198.4
Clean: 220.46 (Form @ 226 PR attempt)
Power clean: 237
Split jerk: 205
Push jerk: 187.39
Push jerk (behind neck): 204
Snatch: 165 (Form @ 165 PR)
Power snatch: 132.2
One-arm dumbbell snatch: 79.3 (both arms)
Overhead squat: 198.4
Barbell curl: 110
Weighted pullup: +115 (Form @ 115 PR [71 in feet, 44 on waist])
Weighted dip: +160
Pushups: 42 (deficient -- strength.)
Pullups: 28 kipping, 21 strict
Handstand pushups: 6 (nose to ground)
Pistols: 15 (each leg)
Ring dips: 21 (shoulder below elbow)
L-seat: 51 seconds, poor form on short rings
Vertical leap: 24.4"
Max box jump: 46.5"
Weighted muscle-up: 44lb


500m: 1:31.4
2000m: 7:30.3


5k: ~26:00
10k: ~48:00
400m: 1:06
100m: :14.2 (hand timed)


*level 4*
muscleup (strict)
swings, just past horizontal (strap bar -- lower on regular bar)
back hip circle (cast)
1/2 turn
glide kip

*level 5*
swing to inverted hang
piked hang (peach basket)
skin the cat
L-sit and L-hang
swings (around horizontal in front, less in back)
inlocate (swinging)
dislocate (shoot from piked hang)
back tuck dismount
kip to support (bent arms)
forward felge, piked
press to shoulderstand, legs on straps

*level 5*
swings (front support, back support, stride)
false scissor
support travel

*level 5+*
support swings
back uprise
front uprise
moy to upper arms
cast to upper arms
glide kip to support
forward and backward rolls
shoulder stand

dick all; 3/4 of a circle

*level 4*
forward and back roll (tucked, straddled, piked)
back roll to prone support
bent-arm back extension roll
handstand forward roll
cartwheel (1- and 2-arms, step-in)
handstand ~4s
L-sit (fingertip, fists)
dive roll
press to headstand

*level 4*

WANT: bar giants, clean up the inlocates/dislocates, solid cartwheels/roundoffs, free handstand, front and back tuck, mushroom circles.

CrossFit WoDs (defunct):

Grace: 7:28 (as rx'd)
4x400m run (2 minute rests): 11:59
Murph: 44:48 (street run, ring pullups)
Fran: 5:56
Cindy: 18 rounds + 5 pullups + 9 pushups
Nancy: 26:31
30 muscle-up for time (rings): 9:37
Michael: 22:26 (treadmill, minor "turn it back on" delays)
Elizabeth: 12:14 (w/power cleans)
Helen: 14:35 (w/delays)
Filthy Fifties: 35:44 (w/subs due to equipment)
Nasty Girls: 18:37 (w/squat cleans)
400m walking lunges (as 440 reps walking lunges): 15:22
Lynne: 118
150 burpees: 14:59

500m row. 1:43. Damper 4. 8/24/07

500m row. 1:36.9 Damper 8 (but drag only 136 -- weird machine). 10/30/07

2000m row. 7:30.3. Drag 135. SPM 35, you can see it keep changing near the beginning, as I try to slow it down and hold my split. 11/21/07

L-sit form on parallettes.

Iron cross pullouts. First workout, 3x5 with legs supported at knees. Didn't know about shoulder roll yet, elbows are unlocked. 10/7/07

Max sets of handstand pushups and ring muscleups; 10 and 7, respectively. HSPU only to top of head, pretty lame ROM. MUs are full range, even if it looks like I'm touching down (I'm not). Not very impressive (think I've got 10 MUs in me), but the first time I've tried a max on either.

Max box jump, first attempt for PR, 118cm (46.5"). 3/10/08. Had a few more inches in me, I think, but the stacked plates were starting to scare me.

Clean and jerk, 175lb (PR). 7/24/07. Ugly.

Clean and jerk, 175lb. 9/12/07. Better, but problem with thighs bumping bar forward on second pull. Weak squat (had just been ME front squatting) and missed jerk. Incomplete extension.

Illustration of the thigh bump in clean and power clean.

Clean, 198.4lb. 11/8/07. Form is not ideal, lacks some things I've been working on, but I get under pretty quick, so it works out. Front squat is probably the limiter on my clean now.

Clean, 226lb, failed. 3/19/08. Lost it on the squat. Form otherwise okay, though higher elbows and a better scoop (more of a rebend) would be nice, and perhaps a bit more extension. This is significantly less than my front squat max so I wonder if perhaps my strength out of the hole is deficient (I'm sure I receive the clean lower than I FS for reps). Annoying.

Push jerk, rack. 187lb. 10/5/07. Took three attempts. Need to work on the explosiveness of the jerk and getting lower faster, both push and split.

Snatch form progression.
10/4/07 (light), 3/10/08 (snatch then hang snatches from Big 21 workout, illustrating a problem with jumping backwards); 3/12/08 (three snatches from Big 21 workout, strong form); 3/19/08 (PR at 160, ugly form with a pressout); 9/5/08 (PR at 165, strong).

Back squats. Switched from high- to low-bar and developed the form in subsequent workouts.
11/6/07, 11/16/07, 11/21/07, 11/24/07.

Cartwheel development. First tries. 8/26/07.

Handstand form, assisted. 8/26/07.

L-seat PR on rings. 51 seconds. Small leg angle, sorry gymnasts.

L-seat bar muscle-up, tuck front lever, tuck back lever. All on Smith bar. Strongly bent torso in levers, need to be aware and flatten it out.

Pistols. 15 consecutive, right leg; did 15 on the left leg before this, unfilmed. Full depth. 11/10/07

Sprint technique development.
5/7/08, 5/19/08, 6/1/08, 8/15/08.

Ring routine in practice, modified level 5. Muscle-up to L, sit back to piked inverted hang, swing back, swing forward to inverted hang, skin the cat, pull out, swing, swing to inlocate (weak), dislocate (bent arms, ouch), swing, swing to back tuck dismount. Needs work and needs shortening.

Random fencing footage, no strip, Twilight Knights at Contra Costa County Fair. Me on right.

Parkour development -- tuning up the shoulder roll, and first turn vaults. 8/18/07.

Parkour development -- turn vaults (better) and low speed vaults. 8/19/07

CrossFit WoD 8/29/07. With running clock, do one muscle-up the first minute, two the second minute, etc. until you cannot complete within the minute. Five rounds successful.

Cindy, 9/14/07. 15 rounds, pullups on rings (no bar available). Trying to work back up to old PR (18+). Pushups very poor; thinking of GTGing.

CrossFit WoD 9/23/07. 30 muscle-up for time. 9:37, except I lost count, so I actually did 33 reps in 11:06. Either way... Each rep from nearly full hang to full extension. Only did negatives on some.

CrossFit WoD 9/25/07. Five rounds for time of 15 95lb sumo deadlift high pulls and 15 95lb thrusters. Been having a crummy week with poor/missed/ruined workouts and mediocre nutrition. Back on full-on Zone today and decided to go balls-out on the WoD, no matter what. Thrusters are my nemesis. Did three rounds in 14:51 and ended there; finishing wasn't going to happen, but I was okay because I'd pushed hard. Dizzy for entire third round, very rough time.

CrossFit WoD 10/9/07. Five rounds for time of 50 squats and 100 rope jumps. 15:14. First time jumping rope in many years; just bought this two days ago. Very crummy rope, may try and get a better one soon. Technique is, well, funny; watch me flap my arms like gyros. Not sure how much is form and how much is the heavy/poorly swiveling rope, but if I spin hard enough it does go. Squats were the harder part, honestly. Fun stuff.

CrossFit WoD 12/2/07. Fran (21-15-9 95lb thrusters and pullups). As rx'd except about 3kg short due to lack of smaller plates. 5:55. I calculated out a strategy based on my experiences and the score I wanted to beat, which ended up working great -- each set of thrusters in three sets with 15 seconds between them, pullups unbroken (though my grip gave way on me with those). Next time I'll try the same but with smaller rests, I think. Big video with poor quality, unfortunately. Done at Johan's in Rotterdam (CrossFit Holland).